PhD Full Form | What is PhD [Explained Everything 2020]


What is PhD Full Form? PhD Full Form: The Full Form of PhD is “Doctor of Philosophy“. In Some countries PhD is the highest university degree that is awarded after a course of study by universities. In some institutions and universities, its also Called D.Phil or Ph.D. An achiever of a Ph.D. degree can use … Read more

NCC Full Form | What is NCC [Explained Everything]

NCC Full Form

What is NCC Full Form NCC Full Form: The full form of NCC is “National Cadet Corps“. It is a youth wing of Indian armed forces. NCC provides basic military training to students of school and colleges. NCC is a voluntary organization that recruits cadets from high schools (10th), higher secondary(12th), and colleges all over … Read more

WiFi Full Form | WiFi Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai

WiFi-Full-Form -WiFi-Ka-Full-Form

What is WiFi ( Wireless Fidelity )? WiFi Full Form: Full form of wifi is “Wireless Fidelity“. It is a fundamental technology of WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). A WiFi network makes a hotpot which is usually a wireless router and It’s connected to other devices such as a mobile, laptop for Internet access. it … Read more