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What is the Full Form of CRPF?

CRPF Full Form: The full form of CRPF is the Central Reserve Police Force. CRPF is a paramilitary force that works under the ministry of home affairs (MHA) which maintains law and order. CRPF is the largest Central Armed Police Force in India. CRPF established on 27 July 1939 as crown representative police. Official Website of CRPF is

It became the Central Reserve Police Force on the enactment of the CRPF Act on 28th December 1949. CRPF is headquartered in New Delhi, India. The government of India has also established the CRPF academy to train the young candidates who want to join the CRPF. 

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CRPF Ka Full Form In Hindi

CRPF ka full formCentral Reserve Police Force” . CRPF एक paramilitary force बल है जो ministry of home affairs (MHA) के तहत काम करता है जो कानून और व्यवस्था बनाए रखता है। CRPF भारत का सबसे बड़ा केंद्रीय सशस्त्र पुलिस बल है। CRPF की स्थापना 27 जुलाई 1939 को मुकुट प्रतिनिधि पुलिस के रूप में हुई।

यह 28 दिसंबर 1949 को CRPF Act के अधिनियमन पर केंद्रीय रिजर्व पुलिस बल बन गया। CRPF का मुख्यालय नई दिल्ली, भारत में है। भारत सरकार ने उन युवा उम्मीदवारों को प्रशिक्षित करने के लिए CRPF अकादमी की स्थापना की है जो CRPF में शामिल होना चाहते हैं।

What is the Role of CPRF?

The primary role of crpf lies in assisting the state and union territory in police operations to maintain law and order. There is the role of CRPF as:

  1. Crowd and Riot Control
  2. Counter Naxal operations
  3. Support Armed forces during war times
  4. Rescue and Relief Operations during Natural Calamities
  5. Protect VIPs 
  6. Provide security during elections

What is the History of CRPF?

CRPF is obtained from the Crown Representative’s Police (CRP) which was founded on 27 July 1939. Under the CRPF Act, the Crown Representative’s Police (CRP) was renamed in 1949 as the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

In 1960, most state police battalions were merged with CRPF. The first Mahila battalion in CRPF was established in 1986 to deal with women’s agitations. In 1992, A specialized unit of CRPF Called Rapid Action Force (RAC) was established by converting 10 unattached battalions of CRPF to deal with riots. 

In the 2001 Indian parliament attack, the central reserve police force (CRPF) killed all the five terrorists involved in the attack after that it was designed as the premier internal security force of India. In 2008 a specialized unit of CRPF was established to counter Naxal operations.

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Ranks In CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

Here are the ranks in crpf from senior level to junior level in CRPF:

  1. Director-General
  2. Special Director-General
  3. Additional Director General
  4. Inspector General
  5. Deputy Inspector General
  6. Commandant
  7. Second-In-Commandant
  8. Deputy Commandant
  9. Assistant Commandant
  10. Subedar Major
  11. Inspector
  12. Sub Inspector
  13. Assistant Sub Inspector
  14. Head Constable
  15. Constable

Is CRPF A Part Of the Indian Army?

Forces like CRPF, CISF, BSF, ITBP, and SSB which come under the MHA government of India totally different from the Indian army. In march 2011 the ministry of the government of India considered these forces as Central Armed Police Forces.

CRPF Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai?

CRPF ka full formCentral Reserve Police Force” . CRPF एक paramilitary force बल है जो ministry of home affairs (MHA) के तहत काम करता है जो कानून और व्यवस्था बनाए रखता है।


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