What is UPI? UPI Full Form in Banking


UPI full form is “Unified Payments Interface“. it is an instant real-time payment system which is developed by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). NPCI ( National Payments Corporation of India ) is an organization for operating retail payments and settlement systems in India. UPI interface is controlled by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) … Read more

What is GIF Full Form in Computer, History { Full Explained}


GIF Full Form in computer is “Graphics Interchange Format” it is a bitmap image file extension called .gif. It is an animated image and widely used in social media platforms, graphic design etc GIF images use an 8-bit format that supports 256 colors. It is very popular on the internet due to its small size … Read more

What is Computer Full Form, History, Benefits, Types {Full Explained}


What is Computer Full Form The Computer Full Form is “Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research“. A computer is an electronic device used for a common purpose that can be programmed to determine a set of logical and arithmetic functions automatically. In today’s world, There are Smart and Modern computers that … Read more

What is PPT Full Form in Computer {Explained}

PPT Full Form

What is PPT Full Form in Computer PPT Full Form in Computer is “PowerPoint Presentation“. it is a file extension called .ppt ppt (PowerPoint presentation) is used to represent a slideshow for office documents, students assignment, product represent in office, colleges, and businesses. A slideshow of ppt can be created by Microsoft PowerPoint or by … Read more

What is PDF | PDF Full Form in Computer Full Explained 2020

pdf full form in computer

What is PDF Full Form PDF full form in Computer is “Portable Document Format“, PDF is a file format used to present documents, images, text developed by Adobe in the 1990s. It is an independent application software which converts the pdf file based on the PostScript language. PDF files created by Adobe Acrobat, you need … Read more