BSF Full Form | BSF Ka Full Form Kya Hota Hai

What is The Full Form of BSF?

BSF Full Form: The full form of BSF is “Border Security Force“. BSF is a paramilitary Force in India. It is one of the best Armed Police Forces of India, It was formed in 1965 War on 1 December 1965.


BSF headquartered is in New Delhi, and Mr. K F Rustamji IPS were the first Director-General of Border Security Force from 21 July 1965 to 30 September 1974 & current Director-General is Mr. S S Deswal, IPS, since 11 March 2020.

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BSF Full Form in Hindi, BSF Ka Full Form

BSF Full Form: BSF ka Full Form Border Security Force है। BSF भारत में अर्धसैनिक बल है। यह भारत के सर्वश्रेष्ठ सशस्त्र पुलिस बलों में से एक है, इसका गठन 1 दिसंबर 1965 को 1965 के युद्ध में हुआ था।

BSF का मुख्यालय नई दिल्ली में है, और Mr. K F Rustamji IPS 21 जुलाई 1965 से 30 सितंबर 1974 तक सीमा सुरक्षा बल के पहले महानिदेशक थे और वर्तमान महानिदेशक Mr. S S Deswal, IPS, 11 जुलाई 2020 से हैं।


Role OF BSF: The Primary Role of BSF is guarding India’s land border. At present, it promotes security among the people living in the border areas and also unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of India and also smuggling and any other illegal activities on the Border.

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Ranks in BSF

Ranks in BSF: The BSF rank list are showing below from high to low rank officer as:

  1. Director General (DG)
  2. Special Director General (SDG)
  3. Additional Director General (ADG)
  4. Inspector General (IG)
  5. Deputy Inspector General (DIG)
  6. Commandant (CO)
  7. Second in Command (2 IC)
  8. Deputy Commandant (DC)
  9. Assistant Commandant (AC)
  10. Inspector
  11. Sub-Inspector (SI)
  12. Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI)
  13. Head Constable
  14. Senior Constable
  15. Constable


1. Which is Best BSF or CRPF?

BSF is the best and the first line of defense and CRPF is the most active Force in India. BSF has Adventurous life, great infrastructure & CRPF is all India presence.

2. When Was BSF Formed?

BSF Formed on on December 1, 1965.

3. Which is The Strongest Force in India?

MARCOS or Marine Commandos is India’s Strongest & Special force.

4. Which Army is Best in World?

United States Army is Best in the world & Indian Army is 4th largest best army in the world

5. Which is Highest Rank in Indian Army?

Field Marshal is the Highest rank in indian army.

6. Who is the Best Commando in World?

MARCOS India is the Best commando in world

7. Is BSF Indian army?

BSF is Central Armed Police Forces of India, under the administrative control of Ministry of Home Affairs.


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