7 Best Books for UPSC Preparation Recommended By IAS Toppers

Hello Readers, Are you looking for the best books for UPSC preparation? Yes, then here I am covering the recommended IAS books list by toppers for UPSC preparation.

Well if you are really serious about your study and preparing for any government exam, interview or any other test then I will suggest you, you should go with these books for UPSC beginners.

These listed books are the best books to get success in UPSC exams. These books are available in Hindi and English.

We know the UPSC full form is “Union Public Service Commission” and its India’s premier central recruiting agency.

I have seen many students searching for UPSC books list pdf but before using pdf for UPSC preparation read my suggestion.

Suggestion:- you should never use books in pdf because use pdf in electronic devices and according to me electronic devices divert our concentration while reading books in pdf. you can take a print out of that pdf or you can buy the best books for UPSC preparation link is given below you check out there.

Best History Books for UPSC Preparation

So, here is a list of best history books for upsc in Hindi, these history books for ias is recommended by IAS toppers, check out the list

1. A Brief History of Modern India Book by Spectrum Books


One of the best books for upsc preparation to learn about modern India history recommended by IAS toppers.

This book brings various aspects of modern India from the arrival of the Europeans on Indian and the establishment of British rule in India.

This book has good students’ feedback and reviews about this book and how they got success in upsc exams with good scores in modern history.

The content arrangement of this book is specifically for upsc preparation or for ias students which makes little useful in saving time.

This book has 848 main topics pages and 32 others pages including content, title page, etc.

I will suggest you should buy this best book for IAS preparation, let’s check out the pros and cons of this history book for upsc.

Author: Spectrum Books

  • Good Page Quality
  • Compact size
  • Strong Cover
  • Topics are well arranged
  • Good for quick revision before the exam.
  • Average quality ink used
check price amazon 1

2. Ancient Indian History Book by RS Sharma


So guys, if we talk about ancient history books for upsc preparation this is one of the best books for IAS preparation.

First, this book was published by oxford university press in 2015 so there is no doubt of this book about how trustworthy this book is.

This book captures all the historical information from chalcolithic times like Harappan civilization, Vedic times, and many more of India’s ancient history.

The author of this book R. S. Sharma is a well-known historian and authored many books on ancient and medieval history of India

This book also has good user response and reviews, this book has almost 5 stars in amazon you can check below.

If you want to increase your knowledge about ancient Indian history then you should buy this book, Here are some Pros and Cons of this book .

Author: R. S. Sharma

  • History is in chronological order
  • Facts and Figures
  • Brilliant Writing Style
  • Language isn’t complicated
  • Average Page Quality
check price amazon 1

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Best Indian Culture Books for UPSC Preparation

So, In this section I will cover 2 useful Indian culture books for UPSC preparation, this book will really help you to know more about our Indian culture and this will help for IAS prelims and mains.

3. Indian Art and Culture Book by Nitin Singhania


Let’s talk about Indian art and culture books by Nitin singhania, This book is fully loaded with indian culture and indian art. 

This is one of the best Indian art and culture books for civil services exams and other competitive exams written by Nitin Singhania.

This book looks very unique and colorful and easy to understand and the design of this book looks very professional.

The user’s feedback of this book is very positive and they really like the book that by this book 4.5-star rating in amazon you can check the link is given below.

If you really want to about Indian culture and art then this book is perfect for you you should buy book, let’s check out the pros and cons of this book

Indian art and culture books for civil services exams

Author: Nitin Singhania

  • Very Colourful
  • Essay Language
  • Good Paper quality
  • Userful for other competitive exams
  • Little heavy in size
check price amazon 1

4. Facets of Indian Culture Book by Spectrum


Another book by spectrum in our list for Indian culture loaded with knowledge of Indian art and culture and the best books for UPSC preparation.

This book covers Indian art forms, literary, architecture, and intellectual traditions and much more useful information about Indian culture and art. It also covers some aspects of the cultural transformation of modern India.

Students who are looking for Indian art and culture books for civil services will find this book worth reading and also use this book for other exams.

According to the IAS books list by toppers, I will suggest you buy this book if you are really serious about your study for civil services. Now let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this book.

Author: Spectrum

  • Including many Topics
  • Easy language (No hard to read)
  • Updated version as of 2020
  • Average paper quality
check price amazon 1

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Best General Knowledge Books for IAS Preparation

Here I am listing top 3 best general knowledge books for UPSC exams these books are also recommended by IAS toppers, so don’t waste time let’s have a look at these gk books

5. General Studies Book by Disha

best general knowledge books for ias preparation 1

This Book is one of the best books for UPSC preparation because this book is written only for UPSC exams many ias students using this for IAS prelims and mains.

This is the best book for IAS exam and has techniques and strategies to crack the IAS prelim and main exam. Strategies like how to attempt the IAS main exam, how to write essays for the GS main exam.

The most important thing about this is that this book updates every year and includes past year general studies paper for paper 1 and 2.

Many toppers strongly recommend this book for students who are preparing for civil services exams. Check out some pros and cons of this book.

Author/Publication: Disha Experts

  • Good Paper Quality
  • Best solution with hints.
  • Understand paper format
  • Easy language
  • Topic Wise arranged
  • We Don’t Found any Cons of this book
check price amazon 1

6. General Knowledge Book by Arihant (Update 2021)


So we all well know the Arihant Publications, I am personally using these publications. The reason behind is that the authors of the publications updated their book and kept facts in their book.

General knowledge by Arihant is one the book general knowledge book for IAS preparation and also recommended by IAS toppers.

Nowadays general knowledge has become an essential part of our life to keep updated about hot topics.

If we talk about books, this book is useful for all UPSC exams and also other competitive exams including SSC, Bank, Railway, Police, NDA/CDS, etc.

I will suggest this book to you, you should buy this book. I assure you our money will not be wasted because I am also reading this book. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of this book.

Author: Manohar Pandey

  • All in one quick revision book
  • They keep upto date this book
  • Also includes Static GK
  • Short points & Easy to read.
  • Average paper quality
  • Little bit words mistake
check price amazon 1

7. General Knowledge Book by Lucent


Lucent is one of the oldest and Best Books for UPSC Preparation to get success in competitive exams. One of my friends is using this book to prepare for government exams. He always refers me to this book for reading general knowledge.

This book brings all the important general knowledge in one book and saves students time.  It includes topics like National and International, History, Geography, Environment, Computers, General Science, Indian Politics and Recent Laws

This book is written by a team of experts of Lucent publications who have good experience in the subject and available in both Hindi and English language.

You should buy this book if you really want to strengthen your general knowledge. Let’s see the pros and cons of this book.

Author/Publication: Lucent

  • Complete GK at On book
  • Good for Quick Revision
  • Mostly Questions asked in exams
  • Average Pager Quality
check price amazon 1

Final Thoughts

So Guys I hope this IAS books list by toppers will help you to find the Best Books for UPSC Preparation, if you have any doubt or review about any of these book comment below, we will find the best books for IAS prelims and mains for you, thanks for visit.

Disclosure: This post includes Amazon affiliate links and I may receive compensation if you purchase products from provided links in this article. and all images in this article have been taken from amazon.

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